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I live in a decent neighborhood, not the best, but I’ve never felt unsafe. I border a little bit of a dodgier neighborhood, but it’s being gentrified quickly. Needless to say I have a number of liquor stores close by, and a wine store that is a block away. The liquor stores are the ones with the bullet proof glass and your liquor is rotated to you on something like a Lazy Susan so you can’t take the liquor before you pay. It scared me a little when I first went in, not going to lie.

In winter, I hate to walk far, so I have ended up at said neighborhood wine store many a times. It’s slightly over priced, or maybe just simply out of my budget I don’t know. Needless to say I always look for the under $15 bottles and then just choose a label I like. But, in my hunt for Finger Lake wines I found a chardonnay from Fox Run that was $13 and thought it would be perfect for my evening.

I asked for the chilled bottle, which he promptly got from a little fridge to the side. I walked home and uncorked it. I am not always a fan of Chardonnay as it can be too creamy, almost milky in my opinion, and I hate drinking milk. This was light, creamy, but not overpowering. It was bright, with a light acidity. It tasted like summer. Once looking at Fox Run Vineyards website, I found that it is aged in stainless steel as opposed to oak, and as a learning wine-o I think this may be what I now look for in a Chardonnay.

Fox Run Farms Chardonnay

Vineyard: Fox Run

Wine: Chardonnay 2014, Doyle Family

Tasting Notes: Bright, light acidity, not too creamy. It tastes like fresh summer fruits, specifically nectarines.

Production Notes: Aged in stainless steel (This is definitely what gave it such good flavor, or lack of woodiness).

Pairing: Pairs well with shrimp, light white fish, and a good summer fruit tart!