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There are no pictures of this meal, the same way there are some situations that no words can describe. I’m talking about the Chicken for Two at The Nomad Hotel in NYC. There are few ways to describe the deliciousness of this meal.

As I combed through the menu at lunch the day of the meal, I noticed one thing – the price of it all. The cocktails started at $16 a piece. So, naturally my friend, Brian, and I decided to go get a few drinks before. Brian is my new food pal. I didn’t know he was so into food, but when I found out he was, I pounced on the opportunity to find someone who was willing to spend money on the taste experiences.

We walked the few blocks to the restaurant, I had my backpack, and he had his gym bag. I had done my best to dress nicely, but as my work does not require me to, I had a hard time putting together an outfit. As we walked in the front door I knew I would feel under dressed. Lucky for us, they had a free coat check, where our bags could be left as well. And I happen to notice that I would not have been the only person with a backpack.

They sat us at a table towards the front; I had a view of most of the restaurant, while Brian had a view of only one set of tables. The advantage of my seat is that I could see all of the food coming out, and then being consumed by faces of pure delight.

We started with the drink menu, pages of drinks sorted by alcohol types with names such as Satan’s Circus and Start Me Up. Brian went with the All Betz Are Off following the trend of gin from our drinks before. I went with the V.O.C. – a little bit of a spicier touch.

We knew we would be ordering the chicken, but we decided to taste an appetizer as well. If you’re there you might as well go big, that’s always been my feeling on food. We ordered the Tuna Tartar served two ways.

As we were munching on our Tuna Tartar the waiter came out to show us our whole chicken, uncarved and perfectly crispy on the outside. He let us know that they would be carving it up in order to serve it. Not 10 minutes later were these beautiful warm plates set in front of us. A chicken breast, skin laid on top, with a warm lentil and salad underneath and a side of crisped brussel sprouts. My mouth began to water before the plate had even touched the table.

Nomad White Chicken

Where to begin?

As I started in with a bite of the chicken breast the waiter came back with the dark meet served in a small cast iron dish. The dark meet was tossed in butter and shallots, topped with a hollandaise sauce and a pass of brussel sprouts on top. I knew my eyes were bigger than my stomach, how could I taste it all and appreciate it all without devouring it first?

I took a bite of the lentils. I took bite of the chicken and lentils. I took a bite of the dark meat. Now I could determine how I wanted to go about finishing this meal. I preferred the chicken breast on my plate, so I would finish my plate first. A bite of the chicken with the skin, a bite of the chicken without the skin, I wanted to taste the layers of foie gras in the skin, in the meat, and the actual foie gras.

Brian and I both cleared our plates before starting on the dark meat, but by then we were both too full to finish it. We ate what we came for – the foie gras chicken breast. Daniel Humm, you are a god in my world.

Concise Review:

Overall a really great atmosphere, high ceilings with an atrium. Dark red décor, which was sexy and warm, perfect for winter. The service was impeccable; the music was not too loud. I would highly recommend anybody to eat here; you don’t even have to be an adventurous eater to try it!