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Babka. Where do I even begin with this deliciousness? I was first introduced to Babka at Bread Bakery by Union Square in NYC. I was working at some offices above the bakery and I stopped in to grab a cup of coffee, when I was offered a sample of Babka. I could tell right away that is was going to be delicious; you can’t go wrong with chocolate and bread. But, I was unprepared for the orgasm that my mouth experienced.

Warm BabkaThis Babka was warm and tasted like it was fresh out of the oven; the chocolate was slightly tart, the bread was airy and light, the sugar stuck to my fingers. It melted in my mouth, and all I wanted was for it to last longer. I debated going back for a second sample, but thought it too rude of me, so instead I came back later in the day for a 2nd, and then a 3rd sample.

So, I did what any baker does, I decided to look up recipes and attempt to make said Babka. I have to say that I am by no means an experienced bread bakery. In fact I have really only made beer bread, and biscuits. So, active yeast is not really something I have mastered just yet. That is not to say that my Babka was not tasty as all hell, it just wasn’t the perfection that Bread Bakery had going.

Babka with knifeI decided to go with this recipe from Double Thyme blog. I liked its simplicity, it was easy to follow, and by the looks of it, it would give me a solid Babka. I’m an impatient person when it comes to yeast. Who has two, three, four hours to just sit and let it rise? I mean technically I do, but in reality I end up on other projects in 4 hours.

So my confession is I only let the dough rise for about 6 hours. I wanted to bake it that day, and that’s the time I had to let it rise. I realize now, had it sat over night, or longer, it may have become a little lighter and airy, as I had desired.

But, it came out as delicious because you really can’t go wrong with chocolate and bread. Although the bread was a bit thick, the chocolate was warm and the dough was doughy. The hint of lemon zest gave it a really nice citrus touch, not over whelming, but your taste buds tingled with lemon and chocolate at the end. I will have to attempt to make this again, with more patience the next time around.

Babka Up-Close