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Corn Flake KrispiesSo, I had big plans for me and a large box of corn flakes, and all of them fell through.  I have slowly been sprinkling corn flakes on my yogurt and berries, I try to snack on it. But, this epically large box of corn flakes just doesn’t seem to go down.

So, I did what anyone would do. I tried to find the recipe that would use the most amount of corn flakes. Corn Flake Krispies – like Rice Krispies treats, but with corn flakes instead. It was a lot of fun to make.

I used this recipe from Food.com

– 3 tbsp Butter

– 1 10oz bag of Marshmallows

– 6 Cups corn flakes

Corn Flake KrispiesI had a bag of marshmallows lying around for some odd reason. So i melted the butter, melted the marshmallows, threw in the corn flakes and walla! Corn Flake Krispies.  A great, easy, sweet snack for the afternoon.