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Today was the first day I had off in a very long time.  So, what do I do?  BAKE. The only problem is that now that I am not in the office, what do I do with a 9×13 inch pan of Blueberry Crumb Cake?  We all know I’m not going to it!

Per usual, I browsed Food Gawker to find my recipe.  I normally flip through my favorites looking for something that appeals to me.  I try to keep it new and interesting, but sometimes that good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies is just what I want.

Fresh Out The OvenI found this amazing looking Blueberry Crumb Cake by Better With Sugar, and it just looked so soft and moist I couldn’t resist.  I was also interested in tasting the difference between Crumb Cake and Coffee Cake.  After tasting this, I think the difference is in the top.  Coffee Cake has a thicker top layer, where as the Crumb Cake is mainly the cake part, with a crumb topping.


Top View of Blueberry Crumb CakeI whipped this up in maybe 20 – 30 minutes stuck it in the oven, and with in 25 minutes of baking, I knew I was going to have to taste this when it came out the oven.  It filled my whole apartment with a smell so irresistible, and it just settled there for the rest of the afternoon.

I cut into the cake once it had cooled, and pulled out just a 1/2 inch slice.  It was perfection, not too sweet, a nice burst of blueberry, and soft just like I had imagined.  I had another 1/2 inch slice today, but there is still a whole cake to be eaten! Come eat with me!

Blueberry Crumb Cake