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For the past lets say 17 years I have had a winter break.  Whether it was just the week from just before christmas through to just after new years, or a full month of in college, i have always had time off.  So this year, as the holiday’s approached I began to get worried, what would my life be like without a winter break?  Lucky for me, I had a week off. So the winter break continues…

Presents!The holiday’s approached quickly, and suddenly the tree was lit, there were presents under the tree, and I was hosting a dinner party.  Every year for the past three years my sister and I have hosted a dinner party for about 10 people. We cook the entire three course meal ourselves! The first time we did this is took us about a day and a half to cook and prepare everything.  Last year it took us only one day, and this year we are proud to say it took about 3/4 to 1/2 a half a day to do it all.  It’s a fantastic time and most of our friends now look forward to our fancy dinner party! (Not a single picture was taken of our beautiful table this year).

IMG_0590For Christmas this year I did something new – I made all of my presents.  Now, I didn’t make a scarf, or a card, I decided to buy little tins and fill them with dessert treats I had all made myself.  It took me a while to decide on what to make, and finally I came up with my combination.  It would be fudge , soft caramel, white chocolate pretzels, and brickle.   I also decided to make chocolate truffles for the christmas lunch.  They went over as a big hit! I was so proud of myself!

The FamFor the first time in a while, my family decided to take a small vacation up north to the snow.  We went to June Lake an area between Mammoth and Yosemite.  We left at 7am on the Wednesday after christmas and stopped for breakfast on the road. IMG_0604I started the trip off right with a breakfast burrito.  We continued on up to June Lake where we learned about how it used to be a ski town, but the owner of Mammoth had shut down June Mountain and in doing so the small town had basically been shut down for winter.  IMG_0673Normally we would not have been able to book a room the week before christmas for a vacation during the christmas holiday.  We drove up to Mono lake and around the area before coming back to the cabins for an excellent massage and spa evening.  It was a very cute winter wonderland.

Overall a wonderful winter vacation, and some time off that I hope I will always be able to enjoy.