What’s the first thing you think of when you think of summer? I think of the beach, swimming, and last but not least BBQ’s.  It’s not that I actually BBQ all that often during the summer, it’s just that it is the stereotypical summer ideal.

My dad is an amazing chef… mainly because he actually used to be a chef.  No recipes necessary, and hands down some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.  He is well known for his garlic bread among friends and family… my friends hope for it whenever they come over for dinner.  I have been asked for the recipe, but I only share it with few, and I said before he doesn’t cook with recipes.

We had our first family BBQ Monday evening.  I should have mentioned before that my dad also cooks enough for 10 people, even if there are just four of us.  The meal began with a salad, which had dressing that a bottled one could never come close to mimicing.

We then had mashed potatoes, which according to both my father and a friend, you must put a design on top and bake it so that top gets a little crispy.  I would highly recommend it.  There was chicken, but not small legs or thighs, it was more like massive breasts, and then leg and thigh were one whole piece.  On top of that there was so shrimp that needed to be cooked.  And no BBQ is complete without some grilled veggies.

We feasted, but we barely made a dent in the food.  It is now Thursday, and there is still chicken and mashed potatoes in the fridge that I will no doubt be eating for lunch tomorrow.  But hey, I don’t mind not cooking for a little while.

Cheers to summer and BBQ’s!